Virginia Moving Companies


Where are the most affordable cities in Virginia that Virginia Moving Companies are making the most relocation, you ask?  We at Virginia Movers have moved many of our customers to some great cities that are better suited for our customer’s living situations.  These cities aren’t necessarily the very cheapest, but we find that the quality of life in these five cities are making moves more enticing for residents to relocate.


virginia moving companiesNewport News is a great city on our list because the housing median is approximately $195,000.  This city has an influx of it’s economy due to the fast-growing technology industry.  It is rich in history with many museums and cultural happenings.  Newport News was settled in 1621 and is 23 miles long and three miles wide and has a strong military presence, which many Virginia Moving Companies are relocating many residents too and from the city.  There are highly rated schools in the city, as well, which has influenced many families to pick Newport News as a great choice for their next home.


Richmond is Virginia’s state capital, yet it still has very affordable housing.  Like Newport News it’s median cost for a single-family home below state average at approximately $195,000.  Richmond’s transportation costs are low, as well.   Richmond also offers many choices in housing, whether it be suburban, rural, or city.  The Fan district has one of the largest historical residential areas in the U.S.  There are many other interesting neighborhoods that many enjoy residing in.  With access to the nation’s capital many residents can commute to work in Washington DC with ease.  Many find the luxury of a short drive to either the beach or the mountains and makes Richmond a great city to consider when looking for a new start.


Located about thirty miles northwest of Washington D.C., Roanoke has the same luxuries of access to our nation’s capital, like Richmond.  This is a city that is best describes as new meets old and offers a great historical downtown area that has numerous places to dine and shop.  Leesburg has the highest healthy lifestyle indicators in the state with 78% of it’s residents leading very active lifestyles.  It is a great place to raise a family.  It’s median household income is exceptionally high at an average of $100,000.  Leesburg’s Virginia moving companies are finding many relocations to this area due to the low cost of living to the high-income options.